Market Prices

Natural gas rates for Alberta’s consumers are based on gas prices established through the Natural Gas Exchange (ICE NGX) electronic trading platform. The ICE NGX platform brings together sellers who “offer” natural gas for sale and buyers who “bid” for natural gas purchases. Contract terms may be for the day, the weekend, rest of month or future months’ deliveries. The trading platform is very liquid and typically sells over twice the amount of natural gas that is actually being produced in Alberta every day.

The following charts illustrate the daily and monthly index prices of natural gas for the current and prior month.

Alberta Natural Gas Prices - Current Month

Alberta Natural Gas Prices - Prior Month

The following chart shows the current and future market prices for deliveries in Alberta for the next several years. The market is said to be in “contango” if futures (or forward prices) are higher than spot (current) prices. Conversely, the market is showing “backwardation” if futures are trading below the spot price. Winter prices are typically higher than summer prices due to colder seasonal temperatures and higher heating demands.

AECO C Futures Pricing