Gas Alberta Inc. provides a wide range of value-added programs and services to its customers that have become an integral part of our customers' operations.

  • Gas Delivery Service. Gas Alberta works closely with the major gas transmission companies in the province to ensure reliable and timely delivery of natural gas supplies to our customers. The Company’s decision to actively manage its supply sources and purchase directly from gas suppliers instead of regulated retailers has resulted in significant savings for our customers.

    Pipeline Balancing. Gas measurement data from our customers’ meter stations located throughout Alberta is electronically transmitted to Gas Alberta on a daily basis. Our integrated gas management system processes this data and assists staff in balancing deliveries and receipts on all pipelines, as well as nominating daily supplies.

    Measurement and Billing. We reconcile all gas measurement readings to supplier invoices on a monthly basis in order to generate accurate customer invoices. We closely monitor all customer receipts to ensure we are able to make timely payments to our gas suppliers and maintain our excellent credit rating. Our online customer portal provides our customers with access to their daily measurement data and billing information.

  • Meter Station Operations. Our customers operate over 700 meter stations that serve as delivery points for the transmission pipelines in the province. These meter stations measure natural gas volumes, regulate gas pressure and inject odorant into the distribution pipelines. By owning and operating the meter stations, our customers control their sources of supply, gas flows and access to metering data. Gas Alberta administers a cost-sharing program for meter station operations based on the specific components in each station.

    Odorant Program. Cost-sharing for the odorant program includes the odorant product, delivery costs and odorant trucks. Gas Alberta and the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops formed Alberta Odorant Services (AOS) to manage the odorant program on behalf of all customers. AOS has since expanded its service offerings to distribute odorant to numerous commercial and industrial clients.

    AMR Equipment. Installation of automated meter reading (AMR) equipment at our customers’ meter stations enables the electronic transmission of metering data to Gas Alberta. This AMR equipment, funded by Gas Alberta, has been upgraded a number of times to improve its reliability and effectiveness.

    Emergency Supplies. We coordinate emergency supply alternatives for our customers in the event of pipeline maintenance or unplanned outages on their transmission or distribution pipelines. Emergency supply activities include the construction of temporary and permanent pipeline systems, contracting large third-party compressed natural gas (CNG) tankers and the acquisition of four small CNG trailers funded by Gas Alberta.

    Meter Station Retirements. Gas Alberta assists it customers in optimizing the number and location of their meter stations in order to improve operations and reduce overall costs for our customer base.

    Pipeline Funding Program. Over the past few years, the province’s major gas transmission company has been undertaking significant pipeline integrity testing to improve the reliability of their pipeline systems. Gas Alberta administers a Pipeline Funding Program to assist customers in evaluating supply sources upstream of their meter stations and to assist in determining whether future investments will be required to strengthen their security of supply.

  • Regulatory intervention. Gas Alberta represents its customers in regulatory meetings and proceedings regarding transmission pipeline tariffs. This provides an opportunity for the Company to negotiate favorable regulatory decisions on behalf of its customers.

    Customer representation. Gas Alberta’s management and Directors meet with representatives from the natural gas industry to promote its customers’ services and emphasize an ongoing need for secure and economical gas supplies. Gas Alberta and the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops maintain an effective liaison with the Alberta Government to monitor and discuss future legislation that may impact our customers’ operations.

    Marketing initiative. Gas Alberta Inc. participates in a marketing venture, Gas Alberta Energy, to provide energy services directly to commercial and industrial consumers and assist them in making cost-effective decisions regarding their natural gas supplies. Gas Alberta Energy also provides natural gas to the MUSH sector (municipalities, universities, schools and hospital), which carry out low-risk organizations similar to the rural utilities. Profits generated by this marketing initiative offset a significant portion of Gas Alberta Inc.’s annual general and administrative expenses.

    Technical assistance. Gas Alberta offers technical advice to its customers regarding various operational issues, such as distribution system requirements, gas quality, billing, measurement services and optimizing the number and location of meter stations.

    Customer communications. Our website and quarterly newsletters provide up-to-date information to our customers on Gas Alberta’s operations, market trends and developments in the natural gas industry. Our management and Directors meet with our customers and their Boards or Councils throughout the year to discuss issues that are important to all our organizations.

    Industrial Transportation. Gas Alberta and its customers provide gas transportation service for industrial consumers, such as those operating in the oil, gas and forestry sectors. This service enables industrial consumers to supply natural gas to their facilities that they have either produced at another location or procured through a third party. Learn more.